This teuth enthusiast just got an early Christmas present!


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Hello All!
I am new here and am so happy to have come across this site! I have had an unusual obsession with cephs, mainly the squids, for several years now. Unfortunately, my fascination has often gone unmatched among my peers. I was in high school in 2004 and when Dr. Kubadera photographed the famous giant alive for the first time. I hung the news article in my locker. :smile: Early on I wanted to have a "pet squid" but with preliminary research I discovered that that is absolutely impossible. Since then, I have adopted the opinion that I would never want to keep a ceph in captivity. I am just a huge enthusiast that is starving for more information about these absolutely wonderful animals. I have always said if I had a "next life" I would dedicate my life to teuthology. I have been a huge Steve O'Shea :oshea: fan for a while now, and I love that many of his articles can be found here. Thank you TONMO for having such a site available. I can now live out my dream of following ceph news and research. I already have an established career, which I do enjoy, but now being a part of this community I can subside some of my guilt from not choosing marine biology as a career. I am just so happy to be here and look forward to getting to know some of you more!

One last word before I sign off on this post: I have nothing against other cephs, and I still find them absolutely fascinating, I don't know what it is, maybe the ellusiveness, but the squids in particular, are my absolute favorite of all the cephs. :squid::squid::squid:


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:welcome: to TONMO.

You've come to the right place!
Not only will you find Steve's articles here, but you'll find him too!
Welcome to TONMO! I was elated to stumble upon this sight too (& a bit perplexed that I hadn't done so earlier)! Octopuses do it for me, but I've always liked squid & cuttlefish as well. Maybe after reading some of the member's posts, you too will be inspired to open your home to a ceph...happy reading!


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Welcome to Tonmo! I gotta say, you gave yourself a pretty awesome early Christmas gift! :wink: And who knows, maybe we can inspire you to give teuthology a try in THIS life... no need to wait for the next one! haha.


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Tentacle Toast;194420 said: guys have a smiley for everything, don't you? LoL
and just to confuse Kariann (re another post) we have: :drk: (Dr. Kubadera ) as well as :no_diamond: and :diamond_trans: :sagrin:

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