this is like watching grass grow


Sepia elegans
ok so i got up every couple hours last night trying to catch the start of the hatch in action... never did... so all day ive been waiting. still hasnt occurred. the eggs look ready to explode and the babies are wriggling their arms around frantically.

but anyway heres some more pics to keep yall entertained till they hatch which will hopefully be very soon.



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I found an article by James Wood about raising baby briareus and it only mentions one flip (either I remembered wrong or it was another species that flipped a second time before hatching). The article doesn't say much but I am leaving the link for you to go and read while you are pacing.


Sepia elegans
thanks. from what ive read on cephbase they do indeed make 2 flips. at first they are in the distal end of the egg then they flip once to the narrow end to accomidate the larger yolk. then they flip again (where mine are now) and theres supposed to be less than two weeks to hatch date. the pics on cephbase of the eggs just as they are hatching look identical to my eggs right now so it should be soon.

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