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The role of female cephalopod researchers: past and present


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Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
The role of female cephalopod researchers: past and present
A. Louise Allcocka, Sigurd von Boletzkyb, Laure Bonnaud-Ponticellic, Norma E. Brunettid, Néstor J. Cazzanigae, Eric Hochbergf, Marcela Ivanovicd, Marek Lipinskig, José E. A. R. Marianh, Chingis Nigmatullini, Marion Nixonj, Jean-Paul Robink, Paul G. K. Rodhousel & Erica A. G. Vidalm 2015 (free pdf)

I wish they would also do vignettes for an equal number of males and publish in a book but the pdf is free.

This paper explores the contribution that women past and present have made to cephalopod research. It includes short biographies of eight female cephalopod researchers who are now deceased: Jeanne Villepreux-Power, Anne Massy, Grace Watkinson, Grace Pickford, Anna Bidder, Zulma Castellanos, Katharina Mangold and Martina Roeleveld. In addition, biographies are provided for six female cephalopod researchers who are now retired but who have made an enormous contribution to cephalopod knowledge during their lifetimes: Nancy Voss, Marion Nixon, Joyce Wells, Julia Filippova, Eve Boucaud-Camou, and Renata Boucher-Rodoni. Online supplementary information provides a bibliography of the research outputs of these 14 researchers, who between them, since 1837 have published more than 800 scientific papers making an in-depth contribution to the field of cephalopod research.

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