The Octopus's Garden by NHNZ will be available soon at Walmart


Pygmy Octopus
Sep 1, 2008
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I was just informed by Diane McKellar of NHNZ in New Zealand that the rights of Octopus's Garden have been sold to a USA company, and that in a few months time they will be distributing them thru Walmart. This is pretty exciting considering It's a pretty hard to find documentary and from what I've been told a really great one. :mrgreen:

The Octopus's Garden
Armed with eight arms, three hearts, blue blood, excellent eyesight, and one of the best brains in the sea, the octopus leads a fast, furious and short life. These misunderstood magicians of the sea begin life as pea-sized waif on the ocean currents and become voracious predators.

Duration: 1 hour

Production Deal: Co-produced with Discovery Channel and NDR Studio Hamburg

HD Version: No

Program Licensing: Available subject to current licenses.