Tentacular Overload at Madrona Point, BC Canada

Tom Hlavac

O. vulgaris
Tentacular overload at Madrona Point - 12 octopus (PGOs) today at Madrona, plus at least a couple too deep to get a peek of. I had a great solo dive after all the groups had come back to the beach - a little choppy from the SE on the surface but great visibility down at the wall. Max depth 99 fsw, 3 mins deco at 10 fsw indicated after 35 mins or so at depth (using air).



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I always have to go full screen on your dive videos and then I start turning my head to get a better look, just as you turn the camera to do likewise :grin:. Then I want to reach in and offer a finger pet and you managed to satisfy that vicarious urge in this one too :wink:

I noticed the absence of wolf eels this time, is this unusual or time of year relevant?


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Great video! It's always surprising to see so much color in the algae, fish, and other sea creatures in these cold pacific waters. And how fortunate you are to find so many octopuses in one area.


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