Tank Size for Caribbean O. vulgaris


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I keep seeing posts that O. vulgaris from Tom need more than a 50 gallon tank. For the Mediterranean O. vulgaris 50 would be too small, but the Caribbean doesn't seem to get as large. How large have you guys been seeing Caribbean O. vulgaris get? I had two females live out the end of their lives after laying eggs and the seem right around the right size for a 50.


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I remember when Linda transferred El Diablo and from the pics he looked ABSOLUTELY HUGE in the 125 4x2x2 tank. Maybe it was just the angle or my memory but I do remember she said that at some point he started to max out the filtration of the 55 he had been in. For the first time in months she was noticing ammonia in the tank and concluded that she needed to make the transfer sooner rather than later.

I dont know how big they actually get, but from the pictures she posted the 125 fit him pretty good, though there was no real swim room. My guess would be 125 long would be OK but thats just a guess... every where else I have read says 250 is ideal.


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mine had a mantle of about seven inches and arms that were ~21"

I had him in a 125 (60"X25"x18") and it seemed just right, I wouldnt have want to see him in much less.


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How long did the females survive after the eggs hatched? Not a tank size question but I have always wanted to keep this species and was curious.

I have a 140 but it is tall rather than long and have always thought it was too small based upon older posts. With the high octo availabilty count this year and observations with this size tank, I am tempted to try it before they disappear again (if I can catch my mandarin to relocate him).

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