Tank Setup for Sepia Bandensis


O. vulgaris
Feb 25, 2012
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I am thinking about how I want to setup my tank for Sepia Bandensis. I am trying to do some research on their natural environment. I do not plan on being too literal in terms of a biotope, but I would like to at least know what that is. I found some video of dwarf cuttles in the wild here, and while these videos were shot at a few locations in Indonesia, they show the substrate as mainly coral fragments and rock. I have seen other photos such as here where they seem to also be in more sandy bottom areas. The latter works better with my current tank. I noticed the Sepia Bandensis tank at the California Academy of Sciences uses a substrate with a lot of larger rocks rather than sandy bottom (seen here at ~00:54 and ~03:03).

I was hoping to model my tank on an indonesian reef like this one depicted below since it appears to have lots of soft corals, but not sure if that is Sepia Bandensis habitat (this is a little deeper perhaps than the more shallow habitat). Has anyone seen drwaf cuttles in the wild and can explain the habitats observed? or have better pics of typical biotopes?

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