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Discussion in 'Tank Talk' started by cfsindorf, May 12, 2010.

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    Ok, I have decided to take the plunge and have a tank built. Size will be 30x24x24 glass with a water level of about 20 inches. The back will be drilled to support returns and drains and that is where I am just a bit stuck. For return I figured one will do and cover it with a screw in basket that I have seen on some drains. My isssue is with the drains, what would be the best solution to keep them inside the tank? I was thinking about standard over flow and filling it with sponge. Or I have read where somme use gutter guard, size depending on Octo. I do not know species but will go for one of the larger ones.

    Pictures speak many words if you can please.


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    In my 45 hex I use a sponge that fills the overflow snuggly and that has worked for both mercatoris and briareus. You do need to clean it weekly and I keep several sponge blocks as available swaps rather than leaving it open while I clean the sponges.
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    I have found sponges work great in overflows and are not really restrictive to flow at all.
    +1 on the frequent cleaning as they will trap detritus which could be detrimental to water quality.
    Fairly large and very affordable I have used are the "Imagine" brand foam filter inserts for AquaClear models 300 and 70 power filters in 3 paks.
    I'm sure there are more out there as well. :smile:

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