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talked LFS out of Zebra octo


Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
Staff member
Jul 13, 2008
Livonia, MI
The guys at my LFS were all excited last week because they had a zebra octopus listed as available on their supplier's list. They had been waiting for me to come in because they wanted me to buy it, they even told me that if I bought it they'd sell it to me at their wholesale price because I'm a regular and they just plain wanted to see one but none of them want to keep one. I told them "thanks but no thanks," that they don't ship well and their numbers are uncertain in the wild.

It was tempting, though, with my current octo brooding (are zebra's small or large egged...) and flattering that they'd only get one in for me (unless they've got me pegged for crazy enough to spend the $$). It's hard not to think, "Some one else is going to take it anyway, might as well be someone as responsible as me..."


Haliphron Atlanticus
Dec 14, 2007
nicely done, I did the same thing with an lfs that was going to get 3 flamboyants and some other cuttle that I'd never heard of that grew to 24 inches!!! as well as nautiluses. He was very easy to talk out of it and very well natured about it:smile:


Blue Ring
Nov 28, 2006
Unfortunately I ran into a similar situation here locally but the LFS had already purchased the "zebra" octo. As if that were not bad enough they had it housed in a 30br with 2 or 3 small pieces of live rock.

The octo was probably about a foot long tip to tip. I tried to discourage any future purchases of this kind and to atleast move it into a larger tank, but they were not very receptive.

The poor guy did not look the best.

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