Super Tiny Zebra Octopus on Ebay

Discussion in 'Sources for Cephalopods and Food' started by Bongo Shrimp, Jul 5, 2012.

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    I was perusing ebay this evening and came across this super tiny "zebra octopus" for sale. I am not an octopus keeper but I sure hope this guy goes to a good home. He is so tiny and cool! (and expensive)

    The link and pics may not work once the listing ends. Oh and it is NOT my listing.

    BTW I do lots of reading on this forum but usually have nothing to post. ;)

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    There are lots of members who would love to keep this chierchiae (and a couple that have an on-going but not continuous lab study) but not at that price. Here is one of Roy's videos and there is at least one more:

    and here is Thales' blog about one of the experiments:

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