Suggestions for a field guide to the South PAcific-Indonesia? Cephs/ inverts/fish.

Discussion in 'The Octopus' Den' started by DrYak, Aug 5, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I am heading off for about 6 months travel/ diving in Indonesia/South Pacific/SE Asia. As luggage and weight are an issue I wouyld like to take a single decent fieldguide to the marine fauna of the region. Whilest I would love to have the Cephalopod + Nudibranch + reef fish + crusteacean, etc world guides with me that would rather blow out my luggage allocation (and probably my back too!).

    So, I'm turning to the community for suggestions - something relatively comprehensive and usable - i.e. not just pretty pictures but actually useful for id and accurate.

    I was looking at Allen and Steene's "Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide". Does anyone have any experience with this book. I'll have to order on-line so I can't physically compare them unfortunately.


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