Stupid question?


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Anyone know a place to get red flourescent bulbs.

I think it would be cool to flip a switch in the cabinet and have a red light
come on for night viewing.

I've thought about a couple incandescent "party bulbs",
but, that's just to easy for me.


as long as the bulbs are below 40 watts, you can also lightly colour them with spray paint (flat red)...hold the bulb about 16" away and mist the bulbs, let them dry for 24 hours. We do that all the time at the just fine !


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joel_ang said:
A white flourescent tube with red cellophane?
Just watch it though! If the bulb gets too hot the cello will melt and becomes a fire hazard (let's off nasty smelling fumes too!)....been there done that!!!!!!




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I like that one the best.

can I get Odo to wear red sunglasses and come out in the day?
I reckon thats your best bet :lol: :lol:

Alternativley there is someone selling LED set-ups in various colours on ebay at the mo so you could try them, think they also do underwater ones, prob not the best for a ceph tank thou, if you put them underwater.

But on the pic it looked like you get a fair bit of light off them..... :)


Haliphron Atlanticus
Sorted that one!!

If you go to an army surplus store you can get 90 degreee flashlights that come with different filaments including red. They cost about 8 pounds here but it'll solve your problem.


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I think cold cathode tubes would work very well in this situation as well and they are readily availible at just about every pc shop. I use blue ones in my case mod. I'm not a red or green fan. It would be very easy to seal these for under water use as well as top mount. Any PC shop would have a used 200watt PSU lying around for free I'm sure. I do, if you need one. but this would give you the 12volt rail you need to run the cathode tube. This type of light will put off a flood style of lighting rather than a direct light of the LEDs. PM me if you want to explore this option further. I dig deep into PC's


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I've read back through this thread and thought it might be a good idea to point out the reason we're talking about the color red for lamps or LEDs - octos cannot perceive red, so you watch a nocturnal octo without scaring it.


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