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Stoloteuthis Verrill, 1878 - Butterfly Bobtail Squid


Sepia elegans
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Jan 6, 2005
Dancing between Vancouver and Auckland
These small decapods are most notably distinguished because of their short arms, large eyes, and fins that are roughly similar in length to the mantle. They range through the northern Atlantic and Mediterranean to the Southern Pacific (and possibly parts of the Indian ocean).

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Sep 4, 2006
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The butterfly squid Stoloteuthis leucoptera in the Mediterranean
Lidia Orsi Relini, Daniela Massi 1991 (Research Gate PDF)
(DDW) PDF contains excellent description and photos
The list of Mediterranean cephalopods (Mangold Wirz, 1963; Torchio, 1968; Bello, 1986; Mangold & Boletzsky, 1987) includes the Sepiolidae of the subfamily Heteroteuthinae, whose members are supposed to be pelagic throughout their life cycle. Mangold Wirz (1963) recognizes in the Mediterranean fauna the unique species Heteroteuthis dispar, the other authors include H. atlantis Voss, which Voss himself (1955) reported at Messina. To this group may now be added Stoloteuthis leucoptera (Verrill, 1878) a species until now recorded in limited Atlantic areas. Verrill (1881) wrote “This species is an exceedingly beautiful one, when living, owing to the elegance and brilliancy of its colours and the gracefulness of its movements. In swimming it moves its fins in a manner analogous to the motion of the wings of a butterfly.”

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