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Steve's been fossil collecting

Steve O'Shea

TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002
... and managed to slip down a cliff and damage himself in the process (currently nursing wounds).

The beds are ~ 125 million years, off Kawhia, West Coast, south of Auckland, NZ. Not exactly 'rich' in cephalopod fossils, but from the first site I did get 1 belemnite hook (after 2 hours searching - this is what we went for), and my tour guide, Prof John Buckeridge (Indiana John - in one of the pics) got a hook cast; we also collected quite a few belemnites, and one rather beaten up ammonite (we did get some very interesting, intact crustaceans and other weird bits and pieces (that have us scratching our head)). As time was tight - 6am-10pm - I 'gratiously' clambered up another cliff (site 2) and collected a box-full of concretions; most probably have bivalves in them, but one never knows.

I'll post pics of the hooks as soon as I unpack everything (a ton of stuff). Am hooked, and am heading off again in a couple of weeks.


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