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Larval Mass
Hello Everyone I am new to the forum and I am interested in starting an octopus tank of my own I currently a 55 gallon with two peacock bass and a 20 gallon with tropical fish. The peacock bass are getting to big and I am looking to convert my 55 into a salt water tank and would like to have an octopus in it. please offer me some advise on filters, rocks, corals, lights, sand, and should i run a sump .
Thanks in advance


Colossal Squid
Make sure you have never used any medication or anything else in that tank that contains copper...if you're clear on that. start reading in the articles at the top of the page
There is so much in there, and rarely will you have a question that hasn't already been discussed there. If you still have questions, we have plenty of experts here who will be happy to help you, but that's where you should go first. Enjoy your research. :read:

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