Stages of cuttle eggs


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Hello, i recently bought a cluster of bandisis cuttle eggs. Ive had them for a week now, and i dont see any movement inside. Even though they look nice and round and are starting to go transparent.

So i was just wondering if any one knows the exact stage of cuttlefish eggs. Like when they go from pointy to round, when they go transparent, and when you start to see movement and stuff like that.


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kilbot, this is my first experience with successfully hatching eggs (I did try eggs several years ago from one of @cuttlegirl 's clutches but they failed to hatch) so I am not able to answer most of your questions but you can view my journal to compare egg states. I believe bandensis eggs are always round. Mine never became transparent and I never saw movement in the eggs (but did not candle them to check). From prior recorded observations, the ink coating seems to vary even with eggs from the same female and does not appear to be significant.


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They are pointy when first laid. I don't know about anything exact as I have seen eggs develop and hatch in 3 or 4 weeks as well as much longer. Once they start to go transparent you should be able to see the developing animal. Movement may take longer.

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