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Colossal Squid
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Interesting find, discussed earlier on this very forum :wink:

Although no specimen of this species has been collected and described yet, it has been tentatively put in the Magnapinnidae family, so formally a Magnapinna sp.


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There is a good chance the video was spliced to keep the action in a shortened format but that does not mean it was artificially created or modified. It is hard to decide at what point "photoshopping" for clarity or lighting becomes falsifying.

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Keith;124461 said:
Thats the kind of thing that discourages me from swimming in the ocean. crazy.
Right. I won't repeat my cousins words but when I speak about my desires to snorkel or scuba his remark is of certain displeasure of the idea of sharing the ocean with such creatures.

The mantle and dorsal fins makes me think of the Queen Alien, on Aliens.

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