Species from the Caribbean


For all species of cephs, I'd recommend going to cephbase.com and on the left side of the screen click biogeography. I just found this link yesterday and am very impressed. you can search in the second drop down menu for Caribbean sea.
http://www.cephbase.com/biogeo/spatialsrch.cfm For short!
Though it doesn't say anything about those that are common, and I wouldn't know either so I can't help you there. It gives you a place to start with though.


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Thank you... I've been on Cephbase.You just have to look them all individually...Just hoping that someone would have a list or something that had names of species and where they are located. I've tried to research this but no luck.
Thank you for your help.


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O.vulgaris, O. hummelincki, O. defilippi, O.burryi, O.macropus, O. briareus, O. joubini, O.maya, O.zonatus, Euaxoctopus pillsburyae

I got this list from:
Hanlon, R.T. 1988. Behavioral and body patterning characters useful in taxonomy and field identifications of cephalopods. Malacologia 29(1): 247-264

If you have a university library nearby, it's worth having a look.

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