Special Octopus food treats

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Hi everyone

I would like to know, what - apart from "ordinary" sea food - octopodes would eat. Did anyone ever try unconventional food, like meats, candy, food pellets, vegetables... anything but fish/shrimp/crab/clam ?

I was experimenting on our vulgarisses, what they accept as food an what they reject. I tried minced fish and shrimps in agar and fish gelatine, to produce a kind of a pellet. It took them a bit to accept it (seemed they didn't like the texture much), although they hate the agar and would nibble the fish around it.

I scanned the food thread, but I couldn't find what I wanted to know.



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I have seen mention of octopuses (vulgaris as I remember it) eating raw chicken but have never offered it (no desire for grease in the tanks). I will occasionally give them live crawfish in season and frozen crawfish tails (frozen from in-season purchase).

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