Spanish scientists develop octopus dry feed - All about feed


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Spanish scientists develop octopus dry feed
[SIZE=-1]All about feed[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Proponents of the initiative aim at producing octopuses for the aquaculture field in a "low cost" way in order to help increase the supply of this cephalopod on the market. Under the guidance of professors Ana Tomas and Miguel Jover, Institute of ...[/SIZE]
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This looked encouraging from the title as something keepers might want to consider (especially for attempts with hathlings) but the listed ingredents suggests that fish is a major part of the mix and studies have already shown that even using live fish with out crustatians is a major fail.


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I rather suspect it will depend very much on the species of octopus! We have had absolutely NO success getting any of the species we hold to feed on anything other than live crustaceans! And the aquarium as a whole have been trying for 80 odd years! :grin:


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I have wondered about that Jean since you have mentioned it before. When you say only live do you mean that it has to be alive when fed or that it had to have been alive at one time. We regularly feed thawed to all the ones we keep in aquariums. The dwarf mercatoris has been the finickiest I have kept but our last one even took regular table shrimp and the others would accept thawed crabs and freshly killed shore shrimp.

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