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Sorry I did not do intro first! So here goes.


Pygmy Octopus
Apr 30, 2008
I've ran a cleaning business for 15 years but now because of age, I want to turn to what I love, the study of the Pacific Ocean and what is happening with the lost of our fish and crab. The last 7 years has really hurt our Dungeness capital and now the salmon fishing is being shut down! We our all trying to understand what is happening out there with the hypoxic water and a lot of quakes and other things! So I’m back in college and doing an internship at the center, I have a cool job of feeding a GPO and telling about it to the public. (The Octopus is released when they are about 40 pds.) The last GPO was wonderful, her name was Jimmy and she loved people and I believe she understood me, so my hope is she survived the release, and the people in charge know what they are doing there! I know I do not know and have just begun studies of Science!
My goal is to help the ocean I love and have grown up on!
If anyone has info on the GPO, I would love help!

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