Soliciting Ideas for In Home Aquarium Octopus Study


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After returning from TONMOCON V Sedna, Julia and Alicia (who will attend her first TONMOCON in 2015) decided that we need a presentation from the younger members. The thought is to come up with an in-home study that the girls could document and present at TONMCON VI. Ceph has encouraged citizen scientist experimenting in the past but we have never come up with a list of clear ideas. Now that some of you (@gjbarord) has given talks to and worked with the younger set, new material is solicited.
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While I think about something novel, these typical learning experiments come to mind:
  • Choosing between two colors/shapes
  • Opening a jar :roll: but everyone tries it at least once)
  • Showing a distinct behavior when an individual enters the room (like waving - @Nancy swears Ollie did this) and showing something different for each family member would be fun
  • Training to go to one corner for food and a different corner for play
You will probably want to invest in a tripod, a dog safe place to keep the camera and a remote firing mechanism might be a good thought :grin:


Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
Think maybe Abe is "telling" us he wants to eat by dancing around with empty shells. Also may be attributting way too much to a bored octopus.

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