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soft tissue respresentation in the fossil record 2

michael schmidt

Blue Ring
Feb 26, 2004
The French Jurassic ammonite plate with soft tissue preservation didn't come through on the last post.

is there a limit to the number of pics on a post?

here are the pics

more to follow


TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002

Thanks for the images. I just wondered if you could kindly clarify what we are looking at here. Are the lighter brown smudges extruded stomach contents, or the animal itself? I must admit that I am somewhat confused by the images.

It seems to me that a definitive ammonite fossil displaying soft-bodied preservation at the head is pretty much a holy grail amongst invertebrate palaeontologists. Finally defining the structure of the animal would answer so many questions (though doubtless would raise many more!).

Please help!

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