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So they sent Sepia Sp instead of Bandensis


Mar 23, 2011
I just got my cuttlefish eggs in and I was looking at the lable... They are Sepia Sp or Crinoid Sepia. I need some help and information because there is not a lot out there on the net for these guys.

I take it they are similar to Bandensis but look slightly different. What are their characteristics? How big will they get? Same water temps... etc.

Thanks for your help guy.


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Jul 9, 2009
South Florida
Hmm, I would suspect it is only a mislabled Sepia Bandensis. The information I found on Sepia Sp. 1, or Criniod cuttlefish, is that they have not been kept in captivity yet. only photographed in Northern Sulawesi. It says they are a dwarf species with a size of about 4 cm


Haliphron Atlanticus
Staff member
Mar 17, 2003
There are lots of photos of the "crinoid cuttlefish" on the web because they are easy to find on a shallow water night dive in northeastern Sulawesi. This makes them a favorite among dive guides who want to show divers something neat - but relatively safe on a night dive. Usually you can go at night to the forereef, dive a few meters under to reef crest and look closely at large crinoids. There you will find this small species of cuttle among the crinoid's arms. My impression is that they are a bit smaller than S. bandensis and they are "less stripey. While their ecological requirements should be similar to S. bandensis, I don't know anyone who has raised them. I doubt that they have a strong commensal relationship with crinoids since you often find them with other brancy animals such as gorgonians. It seems to be a texture and shape thing.

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