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Larval Mass
Do I really need a skimmer for an octo tank? I have had very bad luck with skimmers in the past... and I have basically been running a reef tank for about 5 years with much success. I'm sure more frequent water changes are expected with an octo tank. Do any of you run without a skimmer?


Haliphron Atlanticus
Things are a lot harder without a skimmer. For a short answer, no, you cannot run an octopus tank without a protein skimmer. They have a massive bioload and are messy eaters that leave rotting food in the tank. Also if your octopus ever inks you really need a skimmer to clean the water. If you get a high quality skimmer you shouldn't have problems. More frequent water changes won't really make up for not having a skimmer.


Staff member
I run a skimmer but the one for my 45 octo tank doesn't do much. I use Poly-Filters in all my tanks (brand, not type). They were originally designed for drinking water filtration and remove much of the protien before the water gets to the skimmer (I also run charcoal after the Poly-Filters). The good thing about these filters is that they change color as they collect debris and don't release garbage back into the water. The bad thing is that they are expensive and can't be cleaned and reused.

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