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Should I get an octopus?


May 30, 2009
Well the last of my cuttlefish died, before laying eggs despite the fact they did a lot of mating. I dunno what to do with the tank now. I removed all the corals and redid the aquascape with nothing in mind.

Other possibilities are a fish only tank. I'm not going to go with more cuttlefish for a couple of years. Too frustrated I couldn't get them to breed, they killed each other off and hid all the time. Well that and the massive costs of feeding them. An Octopus seems like a much cheaper option. Also a much more interactive option.

Here's the tank now, sorry the pic isn't straight

Again it's a 90 gallon. What species would be best? I've seen Octopus in LFS from time to time, but they're likely mature adults. Are Octopus on cites? At least any species I would desire? Getting one shipped is probably a better option. I would only consider one that can thrive in tropical waters. The lowest I can probably keep the tank in summer is mid to high 70s.


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Jul 9, 2009
South Florida
With a 90 Gallon aquarium your options for an octopus are wide open.

Are Octopus on cites?
No, but we try to discourage the sale of certain species. Blue ring because of they are deadly and they have a poor survival rate. Wunderpus and mimics because their numbers are unknown. The habitats they come from are disappearing, so basically since we dont know if they are endangered we treat them as if they were.

The lowest I can probably keep the tank in summer is mid to high 70s.
This is the same temp range I keep my tanks

etting one shipped is probably a better option
If you can take a picture of the octopus at your LFS we might be able to ID it. Ordering one online is not especially a better option. When you order them you really have no idea of knowing what your going to get.


Certified Ceph Head For Life
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Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
Welcome (almost) to the octo world :grin:. I think you will have to do something with the left top rocks as I don't think they will stay that way with an octopus but other than adding an octoproof top your pretty much good to go for whatever you find (except vulgaris). If my prespective is right, this is a 90 tall with about the same length as a 55 but wider and deeper? The extra height will make a nice "dancing" surface for any of the longer armed animals but unless you keep late (early) hours briareus is the most commonly available in this group. My favorite is still hummelincki (not a glass dancer but will crawl about the entire tank) and several young ones (rare in the past) have been showing up lately. For interaction I really like the small Macropuses but you have to be up early in the morning to play with them (two other keepers have had some success with them coming out during the day but neither of mine could be found in daylight of any kind). They "dance" more than the other's I have kept with arms in motion constantly. If you want to try hatchlings then briareus or the elusive bimac are the best (possibly only) common options but even if a bimac was available the tank temperature would be problematic.

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