Pygmy Octopus
I wonder if you used an all black shipping bag.
If that would make any sort of difference strees wise and maybe might lower the inking rate in bags.
Just a thought


Colossal Squid
Dont think it would make that much difference during shipping as the bags are in sealed boxes

but a good point here is that when you take the order and open the box, remember that the cuttle has maybe been in complete darkness for many hours and so open the box in subdued light to prevent startling it. and subsequent inking session!

Andy Lister

wrap the transpost bags in black refuse sacks and slowly take them off when the bag is opened.

If you are moving larger cuttles then try and knock them out a little with magnesium chloride to stop them inking. PM me if you want any more info on that!



Pygmy Octopus
Thanks for the advice. I guess I can see if my LFS can keep them in the box and I can pick them up on delivery day. So that way I can open the box in a dim/dark room.
I wonder to if a little bit of calupra or something for them to attach to in the bag would help. Feel secure attached to something.

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