Sharp live rock


About half of the live rock in what will become an octopus tank is what one might refer to as deco live rock. It consists mostly of the skeletons of dead acropora. There are parts on some of them that are smooth, but I am worried that they are not ideal for an octopus. They might even be a danger.

A picture of the live rock is attached.

Is this a legitimate concern? I've noticed that no members of tonmo have rock like this in their tanks.



The octopus does not like the sharper live rock though it doesn't seem to be a safety hazard. Caligula generally stays away from it. I don't think I can take it out without seriously disturbing him, so for now, it will stay where it is. Before acquiring my next octopus, I will definitely switch the rock with something smoother.


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Thanks for the observation Hayek. I had started to put in my two cents about noting my guys to prefer smoother surfaces when the aged but realized that really did not know about reactions to sharp LR during their normal growth time.

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