Shark Teeth Found Stuck in Ancient Ammonite Shell - Wired News (blog)


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I don't know why I always have to play the antagonist...

It just don't look embedded to me, it looks like it is just laying beside or against the shell. It looks like the sutures are still there, in good shape, if it were embedded and pulled of of the sharks mouth you would think there would be some damage. If the pointy end was sticking into the shell you could make a good case for embedment.



Sepia elegans
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Perhaps an additional question to ask is what sized shark would possess those sizes of teeth (I am not familiar with the ratios of teeth to body size)?

Regardless, the ammonite was not consumed so was the shark just 'tasting' the ammonite?

It would be a really cool find if there is some additional information to confirm the statements...



Sepia elegans
I'm with Kevin on this one, although it's a great fossil, I see a shark tooth laying on top of an ammonite. If a possibly 7 ft. shark bit into a small ammonite you would really think there would be a whole lot of damage done to the shell. :hmm:

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