Setting up a tank.


Pygmy Octopus
I have a 120g aquarium 42x24x30
Aqueon 4 sump
Octopus extreme skimmer
1 Aqua Illumination SOL Blue LED module so I can adjust the brightness, moon phase, thunderstorm etc...

I went with a larger return pump for stronger water flow. I didn't want a Vortec or something like it that the arms could get caught in or damaged by.

Phosphate and carbon reactors from BRS
40w UV (Not sure I really needed this???)


Am I missing something? Anything I don't need that I got>?


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There is some antectdotal questions about potential negative effects of running a UV. Most of us don't run one directly on the tank but I do use one on my external RODI water supply tank to minimize bacteria.

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