Sept 2014 - 9th International Symposium Cephalopods ‒ Present and Past ISCPP 9


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9th International Symposium Cephalopods ‒ Present and Past ISCPP 9

September 04-14, 2014 in Zürich (Switzerland)

We naturally hope to attract the interest of cephalopod workers from all over the globe and covering all disciplines involved with cephalopod research. You are therefore cordially invited to present your scientific results, discuss your contributions, exchange your ideas, and plan your future cooperation. We welcome not only experienced scientists and museum employees but especially young colleagues, who just started with their cephalopod research, be it as undergraduates, graduates, in a Master's program, or in the course of their PhD-thesis. Additionally, non-professionals such as voluntary museum workers, species conservationists, fossil collectors or other persons interested in the subject are very welcome!


Larval Mass
Super nice! I am also planning to be there. I am full of hope of meeting Cephalopod researchers and possibly establishing some future cooperative research arrangements. I am about to graduate in July and it would be lovely to find some job/voluntary position starting from September on! Oh boy, this seems like an ideal opportunity to get involved with the international cephalopod research community. Cannot wait! :)


Sepia elegans
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Just got word that my grant was accepted to attend the conference. Now I'm just hoping that my abstract is accepted to speak, so that I can actually use the grant and attend... Looking forward to this one!


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