searching for awesome image of octopus


Larval Mass
I am new to Tonmo and I am not sure how to navigate yet.

I am in search of an awesome, high quality photo/picture of an octopus to use for San Rafael's Street Painting Festival. The reference librarian at the Fairfax library suggested I try you! Any thoughts how (or if) I could use the site to help my search?



Staff member
Try the Octopus Journals and Photos forum. We do have a nice gallery but most keepers will be posting in their animal journals. Be sure to ask for and receive permission from the photographer/keeper before using any of the TONMO pictures though as they are not open access but most members are happy to share as long as proper credit is displayed.

You can also post a request to members to submit photos. Be sure to explain what the photos will be used for and qualify that there is no payment for their use and that you will not be claiming exclusive rights to the pictures. After you qualify the use, probably the simplest way to solicit pictures would be to ask members to post submitted pictures on this thread (either by link or direct post).

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