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Quite a remarkable headline news story from CNN... mostly remarkable because it's a headline news story! (Seventh link on the list of top stories on at current).

Monogamous seahorse is its own worst enemy

Very interesting story here and quite pertinent to recent discussions.


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we have a research programme to breed Hippocampus abdominalis It's been fairly successful, but then these ones ain't too fussy, they can best be described as well........easy!

The plan is to farm them eventually, both for the aquarium trade and for the traditional medicine trade, time will tell if it is successful and if it helps the wild stocks!



Colossal Squid
On the subject of seahorses, this is quite interesting:

World's smallest seahorse

The worlds smallest seahorse has just been identified. It seems that for years it had been mistaken for a juvenile but has just been recognized as a fully grown adult.
Seahorses have Feelings!

Often portrayed as slow and stupid, when I have kept them they have been slow and deliberate!
I always remember losing a female and buying a replacement - the plastic bag was floating round the tank to equilibriate temperature when the male swam up to make her aquaintance. He was very interested and swam round and round until she was released.
Now I would only keep seahorses as pairs, and they are quite useful for keeping copepod numbers down in aquaria with large waste producers (like cuttlefish)

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