Sea wildlife protection and youth culture

Discussion in 'Culture' started by #30Girl, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Hey, #30Girl here, (My nickmane is Lid, BTW), anyway I was just a bit curious about squid and our young society. No age is ever to young or old to get involved in ocean and animal protection and research. I believe that as a whole, we can easily teach communties about squid and ocean wildlife, starting in our city. I want this group of squid lovers to do great things for society.
    I haven't nessicarily thought of ways, but there's got to be some out there. If anyone here would be willing to help, I certainly would put in the effort.
    If you have any ideas on how people here could change any ecosystem for the better, don't be afraid to post.

    Thanks again,
    Lid* ​

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