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Sculptor seeks octopus photos...


Larval Mass
Jun 11, 2004
Hello, everyone. I am a sculptor and glass artist living in South have always been facinated by octopuses, and I would love to do a piece featuring an one, so I am seeking visual research. If any of you have any octopus photos you would care to share, I would be grateful.

My email is andrea@thebluepineapple.com

I am attaching photos of previous sculptures. They are made of flameworked borosilicate glass (pyrex). I also have a website at www.thebluepineapple.com. You will find photos of my sculpture and jewelry as well as a bio.

Thanks a million!

Andrea L. McLester


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hello Andrea,

Welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

I looked at your website and read your bio - your work is wonderful and I hope you do create many beautiful octopus works. Have a look at the Gallery (click on the button above) and also go through Journals and Photos - you'll find many octopus photos.

I'm a fellow Texan (Dallas) - maybe I'll get down to visit your studio someday. I understand that Rockport is quite worth visiting, too.


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