scuba divers petting octopuses


Larval Mass
Several years ago I read an article in the National Geographic about a lady scuba diver who took tourists on dives where she repeatedly made contact with one particular octopus. Eventually, the octopus came to expect her, and the tourists, and would let them pet him/her.

Does anyone recall this? I'm trying to find out where this took place.

Many thanks.



Colossal Squid
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:welcome: to TONMO. I'm afraid I don't know about that particular article, but I've heard of GPOs near Seattle that do this. I think Cousteau's book ("Octopus: The Soft Intelligence" or something like that) might have a similar story. It's surprisingly common for octos to interact with divers in various ways, when they feel like being out and about rather than hiding.


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This is not the video you are looking for but there is a scene in Octopus Volcano (link is to German version) showing a diver petting a Vulgaris in Italy that may interest you. I don't think the scene is in the American version but the full German version is linked about midway down the page:

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