Scientists to explore Indian Ocean's depths - eTaiwan News

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    2 [SIZE=-2]BBC News[/SIZE][/URL][/FONT][/TD]
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    5 Scientists to explore Indian Ocean's depths
    6 [SIZE=-1]eTaiwan News[/SIZE]
    7 [SIZE=-1]AP The first time scientists explored deep in the Indian Ocean, they found a new species of glowing squid. Now researchers who are departing from South Africa on Monday with even better equipment are hoping for similar success. ...[/SIZE]
    8 [SIZE=-1]Mission to scale deep mountains[SIZE=-1]BBC News[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    9 [SIZE=-1]Indian Ocean's depths to be explored by Scientists[SIZE=-1]TruthDive[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    10 [SIZE=-1]Explorers, scientists take aim at underwater mountains[SIZE=-1]The State Column[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    11 [SIZE=-1]RedOrbit[/SIZE]
    12 [SIZE=-1]all 144 news articles »[/SIZE]
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