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Saw this, thought of you guys - Octo shoots out lights


Pygmy Octopus
Jun 12, 2003
Haven't been on here for a while, but I thought you guys would appreciate this: :D

Otto the octopus wrecks havoc - Telegraph

This Octopus in a zoo decided it didn't like one of the display lights shining at its aquarium. It must have realized that it was not the Sun, and decided to pull itself out of the water and squirt some water at the light to see what happened. As one might have expected, the water shorted the light out, which the Octopus considered a success. So, it then it perched itself on the rim of the aquarium and proceeded to destroy all of the lights in the room. Nobody realized that the Octopus was to blame, so they just replaced all the lights. Apparently the Octopus knew better than to shoot at the lights while the humans were watching, but at night, it went around and destroyed all the lights again.... After three days of this the zoo-keepers decided to hang around and see what was happening and caught the Octopus in the act. :)

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