S. officianalis

Andy Lister

How many people would be interested in buying officianalis and what would you be prepared to pay for them?

We have a lot of eggs comming in at the moment and if there is enough interest in them then I might hatch and grow them on.

Let me know


If not then I know a company selling them!



Colossal Squid
Hi andy

it might be easier selling the eggs as postage would be much easier and cheaper, they can be packed in damp cotton wool etc...

I would think that eggs would be about £2 or each
newly hatched about £5 - 10 and at 3" about 15

But dont count me as an interested party, just chipping in :)

id like to buy a few eggs but im in the united states so the shipping would be a lot. but im willing to pay about whatever it costs. e mail or pm me.

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