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S. Bandensis


Mar 19, 2010
Hello I plan on getting Sepia Bandensis eggs soon and was wondering what my alternatives were to feeding the babies besides live mysid(mysis?) Thank you!:smile:


Larval Mass
Nov 3, 2010
I know that mysids are recommended early on, but afterwards you could feed them amphipods. You want to start culturing the amphipods before you get the eggs, and you basically try and siphon pods that are a bit smaller than the cuttlefish. Supposed to be more difficult for the cuttlefish to catch, which I could see, but my plan for when I get mine is to start with mysids and then go to amphipods, trying to gutload both with the best food I can get (and probably doses of Selcon as well).

Afterwards, plan on going to shore shrimp and (hopefully) prev. frozen thawed gulf shrimp or the like.

Anyone with more experience have advice? I have been looking at that question and amphipods seemed the best alternative.

Edit: Store for all kinds of live foods, seem to have good prices (about to be buying from them, no personal experiences but the price is right): http://www.aquaculturestore.com/index.html

Edit 2: Read this, decided to link it: http://www.tonmo.com/forums/showthr...sh-(Sepia-officinalis)-of-fed-shrimp-vs.-fish

Multiple studies about different diets on growth and survival of cuttlefish. Mysis shrimp are recommended early on but show no advantage beyond the initial few weeks according to that info. Going to try to gutload my amphipods to help their nutritional value in any case.


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
There are LOTS of positive references in the Sources for Cephalopods and Food forum for The AquacultureStore.com but most are referred to by the owner's name, Paul Sachs :grin:. Being a long time customer (preocto keeping), I will recommend the source highly.

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