Roll that wonderful cuttle footage...


O. vulgaris
Thales' tank at CAS is my inspiration. I probably would have saved a lot of money had I never seen it because now I feel the need to have one at home :smile:. We'll see, I am still doing the math, both in terms of time and money; but in the meantime, I went to CAS to enjoy these little critters and I ended up putting this little video together. I think these cuttles are still relatively young, so it will be neat to watch them get bigger. I also think it's great to see the soft corals and more peaceful LPS corals continue to grow and watch the tank mature. I was lucky enough to run into one of the staff I know and I got to see the tank from the backside as well. That was a huge treat. I also saw the flamboyants that are on deck for display, so I am looking forward to seeing them on the floor again soon.

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