Rip Odo


Know exactly how you feel, sorry to say...I haven't kept a ceph in years after my last tragedy...although we are thinking of a bimac in the spring...we shall see...I am very, very sorry though...bummer. :cry:


O. vulgaris
I think I've narrowed it down to the ghost shrimp I fed yesterday.

It was a new batch from the LFS.

As for how long I had him,
I figured it out

got a cuttlefish, 14 days later sucked into a pump.
made the tank free of all pumps and added new screens to the drains
got an octo, 14 days later died of ??

I think I need to look into perhaps an anemone tank :goofysca:

anyway, I'll wait and see what happens after X-mas


Colossal Squid
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I had a baby die of unknown reasons acouple weeks ago after only a week. Sometimes there are no reasons. Did you check your water quality? Anyway, hope you try again! They are deffinately worth the effort and the heartache!!!!


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