Reverse Osmosis???


Hey everyone, I have a bottle of Aquafina in my hand and on the label it says "Reverse Osmosis For Pure Taste" is this the kind of water I will need for my tank? Also, how much do these Reverse Osmosis filters cost? is it worth it buy one? cause it seems pretty hard to get all the water needed for a tank.

thanks guys


Colossal Squid
A lot of the bottled drinking water are RO but then the companies add salts etc to the water for some taste... How many bottle would you need for a 50gal tank anyway :P

An RO unit will cost upwards of $150 or so... perhaps someone can help me with american prices?


Home Depot sells ro units for about 100 bucks...not too bad...sometimes you can find them on sale for a bit less. As stated in other threads, we use bottled water, but our water is delivered in 5 gallon jugs, and it is 37 dollars a month for as much as you can good of a deal to pass up!!!

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