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Researchers Discover Huge, Unusual Squid at Deep Ocean Botto


Staff member
May 30, 2000
Yes, this was indeed the Mystery Squid (the original) of a couple of years back.

This is a great story... because deep-sea excursions are so expensive, and are logistically difficult, they are rare... as such, there are often discoveries made that had nothing to do with the intended agenda for the trip. This was one example... on decent, cameras captured this bizarre squid with "elbows" (Richard Ellis' word) that had/has never been seen before. The squiggly part of the arms (below the "elbows") are quite long, making the entire beast stretch to about 20 feet. Haven't heard any follow up on this one, I presume this was a one-time observation. Someone should go looking for it again.

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