Red Sea Wavemaster Pro Wavemaker


Lightly used Asking $70 + Shipping
Red Sea Wavemaster Pro Wavemaker combines an intimate knowledge of the marine environment with microprocessor technology to create natural circulation currents within the closed system aquarium. Choose between the various preprogrammed wave conditions or experience them all on a daily basis with the additional option of calmer seas at night.

Features: Red Sea Wavemaker

* Controls up to 4 powerful water pumps.
* Dedicated main pump option.
* 4 preprogrammed wave motions: gentle, rolling, turbulent or alternating.
* Night mode, automatic 8 hour period providing calmer seas at night.
* 2 feeding modes, specific programs for reef or marine tanks.
* Maximum power load up to 720W.
* Soft start to protect pumps.
* Fully grounded power outlets.

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