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    anything some can tell me about The Red octopus would be very much operated! things from how to set up my tank to feeding them...even facts about the octopus :)) thanks
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    :welcome: I am in Gainesville and estatic to see a new member so close!

    A LOT more info is needed. By any chance, did you get it from Dr's Foster and Smith (Live Aquaria)? If so there is a good chance that it is a species of the Macropus complex and similar to two I have kept. There are larger Macropuses that would be problematic for most aquarium keepers but if we go on the assumption it is the smaller one a 40 - 50 gallon tank with sump works well. This is Puddles journal and here is the one for Beldar.

    I have another little guy that is very, very red and is still a species mystery. Little Bit is just now starting to come out more than an eye and very fast arm so I am hoping to add photos soon. She/he is Caribbean and I initially guessed Atlantic long arm but as her mantle has grown her arms have not lengthened to the proportions of this species so I am still without a clue. However, Little Bit is not the same species as the one that was recently available through Live Aquaria.

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