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Aug 31, 2008
Helo everyone.

I'm an amature paleontologist with an academic background in the subject, but never having officially worked professionally in the field. I am also a retired exploration geologist with diversions into pulse-power mega-machine operation and semiconductor manufacture.

I volunteer at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, here in Albuquerque; for part of a day docenting and for most of a day sorting and identifying invertebrate fossils (mostly cephalopods) in the collections another day.

Invertebrates are my main field and Paleozoic cephalopods are my current specialty (if I can call it that)

Regards for now to all


Staff member
Nov 19, 2002
somewhere under the desert sky
:welcome: again Nauti-guy, nice to have another "Gas pipe" enthusiast here on TONMO.

I will be looking forward to some of your insight into the Paleozoic cephalopods.

I understand you have a new display on Triassic ammonoids in the museum there. Jim has one of the finest collections I have ever seen and any museum should be applauded and fortunate to have a part of it.

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