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Larval Mass
Hi im a student majoring in biology in the University of South Florida. Im just here to learn more about cehps from people who can observe their behavior on a regular basis. After i get my BS in Bio, im attending USF again to get my PHD in Marine Biology, and hopefuly after that get to work as a researcher



Hows USF? I'm starting to look at colleges for marine biology and oceanography in general. I'm looking at Scripps in San Diego, the University of Hawaii, and the University of Miami. So in college you study marine biology as a whole? Can you take classes on a particular group of marine animals like cephs? Any info on colleges would be welcome!

Anyway this is a great site to learn more about them. Two of the staff actually wrote a book on keeping cephs in the home aquarium. Have you ever kept any? The best way to really learn more about them is to keep one, although their personalities can be vastly different and they can be tricky to find sometimes.

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