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so once we got rid of the damsel fish our octo zeus has become extremely active... going through all the live rock, scuttling all over the glass, sand, he seems to be in constant movement and is very responsive to us..however we are worried he will get bored when we are at work...

we put in a bioball, he played with it for a bit but then got i've been reading the posts legos were mentioned so we got those for him today..any other ideas..?

he seems to be an aculeatus...i've read that some of you have had experience with these i was wondering if anyone had other suggestions for this type...he has the longest tentacles imaginable..

we are going to try the shell idea as well...
although he has gone through some of the hermit crabs..about 3 but seems uninterested in the shells..perhaps too small..

he is such a character! :)


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Hi elusya,

Octopuses seem to have individual personalities, so what one likes, another may not.

In addition to what you've mentioned, you could try a small bottle partially filled with sand.

Also, my bimac seems to really enjoy chasing shore shrimp (and not making too much of an effort to catch them). It's a type of entertainment for him.

Maybe if you play with him and entertain him while you're there, he won't be too bored while you're away. My bimac never tires of "Pull the Stick", a kind of tug of war.

I'm sure others have had success with other types of toys, too.
Hope this helps,



re: toys

this lego game is great! zeus loves the lego..we put in two yellow pieces attached and he is playing some sort of shadow game..keeps coming near it and then ducking to avoid is hilarious to

thanks nancy...
what fun this is to see..

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