Raising eggs


O. bimaculoides
also whats the lifespan of joubinis from hatching to death? I read 6 months but I don't know of thats their entire life span or how long they usually have to live when purchased.


Haliphron Atlanticus
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I doubt that you can rear O. joubini eggs. They are small and have an extended paralarval stage in the plankton.

If you mean O. mercatoris or other large egg species, they must be kept individually and fed live food like mysids and enriched adult brine shrimp.



O. bimaculoides
Also how do you raise O. mercatoris eggs? I *think* I can get one of these octos. I dont mid raising eggs whenever my adult dies, that way I will always have at least hatchling for me and the rest for the fellow tonmo'ers.

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